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About Us

With over 5 decades of experience, The Lynns Group has grown into a diversified, vertically integrated company employing over thousands of employees all over the world. We are experts in manufacturing and design for the home with a focus on ceramic and stainless steel materials.

While our techniques still require the same artisanal craftsmanship skills that date back centuries, we have added modern technologies to make things more efficient. Services such as 3D modeling and automated manufacturing help us ensure cost savings to our customers.

As a socially responsible organization, we ensure that all of our manufacturing partners comply with our beliefs in preserving our earth for future generations. At all of our plants, we mandate on-site water recycling and filtration, and maximum utilization of heat sources such as recycling the heat from ceramics kilns into our drying lines. 10% of all our raw materials are recycled back into the production line in an effort to minimize our footprint.

Now, with our many years of manufacturing expertise in both private brands as well as our own, we are again able provide quality merchandise directly to you, the consumer. 

Inspiring Innovation Since 1963
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